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Program Information

NDNU is California’s third oldest institution of higher learning and the very first to offer a baccalaureate degree to women.  We have been called the “hidden jewel of the Peninsula” and are proud of our legacy, the excellence of our programs, and the success of our alumni.

For admission information about our programs, please check out the NDNU Evening students web site and schedule a convenient time to come in and learn more.  Some quick links:

Human Services Program (Informational) Sheet

Business Program (Informational) Sheet

Financial Aid Fact Sheet

Work Experience Flyer

Intensive Human Services

Use this link for an overview of the program, including each of the descriptions below.

Dr. Therese

Intensive Business

Dr. Therese Madden:  Use this link for descriptions of business courses.


Finish your bachelor’s degree while taking classes toward a Master’s in our unique “Two Plus Two Bachelor to MPA or MBA Flyer” and “Two Plus Three Bachelor to Clinical Psych Flyer” articulation programs.  Ask your advisor how to begin working on a Master’s in Public Administration, a Master’s in Business Administration, or a Master’s in Clinical Psychology.

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