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2019 Graduation

May 4th, 2019

NDNU Awarded Social Mobility Innovator Honor

From CollegeNET’s press release: “In at least two important ways, Notre Dame de Namur provides a leading example for universities that seek to advance social mobility,” says CollegeNET President Jim Wolfston. “First is the solid on-ramp the university provides as it welcomes transfer students from community colleges. And second is that Notre Dame de Namur, by virtue of this on-ramp, is lowering the indebtedness of its graduates. This policy approach is key at a time when economic mobility and the American Dream are rapidly deteriorating. Today, as tuitions at U.S. campuses continue to increase, student indebtedness grows, and economic inclusion declines, Notre Dame de Namur is providing a strong example bucking these trends. Here’s the full release.

November 4 2019 Newsletter


Click here for the newsletter for updates about spring registration, THRIVE’s job fair, shuttle bus service updates, our fabulously new and improved Book Sharing Program, and a report about students who recently participated in the “Rise Up!” Social Mobility conference.

Book Sharing Program

Introducing the Professional Studies Program’s new-and-improved “Book It Forward” book sharing program. Have text books that you are done using? Considering sharing them with others… need a text for an upcoming class? Check out the web site to see what is available. Find what you need? Reserve it!

This system is the genius of Human Services student Christie Victoria, who has been working on developing the web site, creating the system, organizing the shelves, and promoting the system’s use. Isn’t it wonderful?

The intent is for the “Book It Forward” program to cross all four campuses, so if you are a student in Tracy, at Mission, or at Canada (or online!) you can utilize the system and we’ll get the book to you.

Thank you, Christie! This is an amazing gift to all of us! Check out the web page she developed here. This link will also be permanently located with the current syllabi at the SBM Advising Page and on the blog.

Rise Up! Social Mobility Conference

Back row, from left: Taina Movete, David Collins, Jennifer Delaney
Middle: Jocelyn Morales
Front Row, from left: Iris Avalar, Rene Marfia, and Diana Espinosa-Osuna

Working with CollegeNET, NDNU hosted a conference earlier today called, “Rise Up! Guiding Students to Better Futures through Social Mobility.” The panels and speakers included a keynote speech by Dr. Lindsay Romasanta on “Changing conditions, culture, and care to advance student success and social mobility;” recognition of outstanding transfer students from multiple community college partners; a panel discussion on affording a private college education; a fascinating talk by Jim Wolfston, the CEO of CollegeNet on how transfer counselors can help restore the American dream; and a wonderful panel with the students pictured above in which they discussed what they wished their transfer counselors had told them (or asked them). Our deep gratitude to all involved for a wonderful conference!

Perhaps the most inspiring comment was made by Mr. Wolfston, who said that “the best universities aren’t the Ivy Leagues; they just promote the status quo. The best universities are places like NDNU because these are the places that are making a difference in social mobility, which is our best hope not just for a more just future for everyone, but for the very survival of our planet.”

It was a day to be proud of NDNU, especially of our students and alumni. They are the best inheritors of the legacy of NDNU’s founders – one of access to education that recognizes the transformative power of that experience.


Fall Term II Classrooms

Mondays: Professional Writing, Larragoiti: SM 208


Women in Management, Singer, CU 7

Islam Faith and Practice, Lipowitz, CU 1

Tuesdays in Tracy

Professional Writing, Page: Transit Center


Marketing Principles, Barsi, CU 1

Jungian Psychology, Nyland, CU 22

Wednesdays at Mission:

Managing Cultural Diversity, Bedford-Carter, SEC 209


Communication Skills, Arbore, CU 7

Project Management, Gohar, CU 6


Stress in the Workplace, Madden, CU 6


Business French, LaRoche-Davis

Religions of the World, Lipowitz

Professional Development, McKnight

Break Week Newsletter

Click this link for information about our “New and Improved” Book Swap program, the Sister Dorothy Stang scholarship application, events on campus next week, and more!

Red Maple leaves.

Hallmark Reflections

As our Human Services capstone students present their portfolios, each person shares his or her reflections on the Hallmarks of an Notre Dame de Namur learning community. I’m struck by the strength and beauty of of each of these individual student reflections and especially by the fact that so many students look at our Hallmarks and say, “this is also what it means to have a career in Human Services.” Love it!

Honor and Remember

Came across this beautiful temporary memorial in front of the library on the Belmont campus today, honoring those who lost their lives 18 years ago today. Many were civilians. Others were police and firefighters. Remembering the latter reminds me of words spoken at a SFFD funeral I attended many years ago. The Department Chaplain pointed out that the bravest moment of officers’ careers aren’t necessarily the ones that cost them their lives, but the moment that they make that commitment to dedicate their careers to helping others, knowing it might demand such an unspeakably high cost and making that commitment anyway. We honor today all of those who have lost their lives, those who grieve loved ones, and all of those who dedicate their lives to protecting and improving our communities.

September 3, 2019 Professional Studies Program Newsletter

Red Maple leaves.

Click this link for our September 3, 2019 newsletter, with information about our textbook swap program, job opportunities, and even a swag giveaway!

Fall Term I Classrooms!

Mondays: Human Relations in Organizations: CU 1


Management Principles and Org Behavior: CU 6

Cognitive Psychology: Cu 23

Tuesdays in Tracy: Both classes are at the Transit Center


French Cinema: SM 208

Managing EAPs: CU 1

Abnormal Psych: CU 6

Wednesdays at Mission:

Financial Management: Student Engagement Center 203

Thursdays: Counseling Skills: CU 7

Saturdays: Senior Seminar: CU 6

Saturday Sept 7: Workplace Coaching, CU 9

** CU – Cuvilly Hall, across from Tabard Inn

** SM: Saint Mary’s Hall, same building as the Registrar/Fin Aid, etc.