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Orientation Links

Welcome to NDNU! We are here to help you succeed. Here’s some information to help you do a self-guided orientation.

We start with our essentials for getting ready for class – things to keep in mind as you prepare for an upcoming class:

Getting Ready for First Class Orientation Video


  • NDNU’s main web site
  • Get your syllabus before the first night of class and check for the assignment due that first night!
  • Questions about Financial Aid? Check in with expert Financial Aid advisers:
  • Questions about paying your bills? Check in with the Business Office ( or 650 508-3565) or see info below.
  • Your student portal gets you access to registration information, payment information, grades, and more. Bookmark this page!
  • Your student email is the best way to communicate with the Business Office, Registrar’s office, faculty, and your advising team. Bookmark this page!
  • Moodle is your online classroom, used for online, hybrid, and some in-person classes. Bookmark this page! (Moodle uses the same password as your student portal.)
  • Be sure to check out the “Support for Adult Learners” page for a medley of resources designed to support you – no matter what campus you are on or what format you are learning in!

Resources to Support Your Success at NDNU

NDNU Welcome Video (Coming Soon)

How to Make Stress Your Friend (Ted Talk). Returning to school or beginning Upper Division “Intensive” classes can be stressful. Find out how your attitude about that stress can help you to succeed (and be sure to utilize the many resources that we have to help – tutoring, our Student Success Center, librarian expertise, disability services, counseling, and more.)

The best time management apps for adult students

Advising Information

Process Information

  • Need to forward your NDNU email to a personal account? Instructions here.
  • Campus Portal is where you register, pay bills,etc.  Need help navigating the Portal? Student Services has put together a video for you!
  • Need to file a petition, request a grad audit, or withdraw from a class? For these forms and many others, click FORMS here!
  • Want an electronic copy of the PSP Survival Guide Fall 2018? Download here.  We update this annually and have hard copies already available and printed for you at Tabard if you prefer; stop by!
  • Does your password not work?  Try this.

Academic Success

  • Need accommodations? Be sure to work with the Academic Success Center first. Whatever you need, the sooner you advise the ASC of it, the better!
  • Looking for scholarships? Financial Aid has some recommendations about where to look and this is an article about how to research possibilities. Also, for more information about managing your student loans, check out SALT.
  • Hearing your papers need to follow APA formatting and wondering what that means?   Here’s a video that will help.
  • Time Management!  Are you juggling work, child care, and more?  This video, from the BBC, has some simple tips for being intentional about good study skills.

The Business Office (paying bills) deserves their own section.

Remember that students are required to check their campus portal and student email to view:

  • Tuition and fee charges
  • Payment due dates
  • NDNU drop policy and refund schedules
  • Important notifications from Business Office and Financial Aid

PLEASE remember to contact NDNU offices using your student email. This is provided to protect your privacy.  Please also provide your student ID in all correspondence.

To log into your student email account, use this link.

All student account activity is posted to your student portal, including pending charges and refund checks.  To log onto Campus Portal, use this link.  To navigate to your account:

  1. Enter ID# and password
  2. Click on the student tab at the top of the page
  3. Click on Student Account Activity in the menu on the left side of the page.
  4. Click on “My Balance”
  5. Click on the actual balance displayed (even if it is $0); this will show your account transactions.
  6. Click on Make a Payment and follow the prompts

Drop Policy:  The Academic Calendar defines the late date to drop. The date upon which any refund is based is the date on which the Registrar’s Office receives written notice of the dropped course or withdrawal – NOT the student’s last date of attendance.

Figuring out why you have a Business Hold:  It may be because tuition and fees have posted, yet financial aid has not been disbursed or your full payment has not been received.  If you receive financial aid, it is important to verify through Campus Portal that your aid is “ready for disbursement,” which means that all aid is coded with an “A” (for accepted).  If you have any other code, you should contact Financial Aid immediately (


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