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Called both gerontology and health services administration, our newest Human Services track appeals to those who want to help others through the Health Services industry, those who take a practical approach to their career and know that this is a field where job opportunities will grow over the next few decades, and those who have simply become inspired by taking a class at NDNU with Dr. Patrick Arbore, a nation-wide leader in this field, and who now can’t get enough.

This page provides links to additional resources, articles, and more for those interested in or considering a career in the field.  While our concentration is currently called “gerontology,” it relates to both the service of the elderly and the needs of all of those in health services who support them.  In other words, it contains relevance for all of us.

Why Choose Gerontology?

Working as a Gerontologist in Business

Geriatrics and Social Work

ABC’s Gerontology News (a medley of related articles)

A Geriatrics Blog (including links to books on the subject)

Elder Care Resources in the Bay Area

San Francisco Walk to End Alzheimers (Coming September 2014!)

A blog by Hawaii Big Island Leading Gerontologist (and Human Services graduate) Laura Guluzzi

San Francisco’s Institute on Aging (where Dr. Patrick Arbore is the Director of the Center for Suicide Prevention)






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