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Getting Ready for Fall

Fall classesWelcome – almost! – to your fall classes!  Now is the time to make sure that you have your syllabi and text books.  Classes start the week of August 28.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Fall 2017 Survival Guides Now Available

SGProfessional Study Program Student ‘Survival Guide‘ with updates for Fall 2017 are now available at Tabard (and for download at the link above).  Updates include information about how to register online and guides for each of our off campus locations.

Stop by to pick one up before class if you are on the Belmont campus.  If you are taking classes at another location, we’ll bring them to you when fall classes begin; stay tuned!

Spring Term II Classrooms



Contemporary Professional Writing, LARRAGOITI, SM 204

Business Policy, MULVEY, CU 9


Human Services, BARSI, CU 7

Marketing Principles, LIM CU 6

Tuesday at Canada:

Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility, RENDE, Building 5, Room 227

Tuesday at Tracy:

International Business, GOHAR, Transit Center


French Cinema, LAROCHE DAVIS, SM 208

Religions of the World, LIPOWITZ, SM 204

Wednesday at Mission College:

Human Relations in Organizations, BEDFORD CARTER, MT 17A

Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility, REYNOSO, MT 17B


Counseling Skills, ARBORE, CU1

Management Principles and Org Behaior, DAVIS WICK, CU23

Thursday at Canada:
Abnormal Psychology, NYLAND, Buildin 5, Room 227


Hybrid:  Managing Cultural Diversity, DAVIS WICK, CU 6

March 25 Only:  Facilitation Skills, SANTAMARIA, CU9


doorHappy New Year!  Here are the Term I classrooms.  Remember that classes begin THIS WEEK!


HSP 2221 08 HS Senior Seminar MADDEN CU 9

ENG 2164 08 Linguistics LARRAGOITI SM204


BUS 2224 08 Corporate Finance HUA CU 6

HSP 2239 09 Human Rel. in Org DAVIS WICK CU 7

Tuesday at Tracy

BUS 2008 T8 Legal Environment of Business LADINE Transit Center


CUL 2400 08 African Cinema LAROCHE DAVIS SM208

HSP 2203 08 Communication Skills ARBORE CU1

Wednesday at Canada

REL 2605 08 Women’s Spirituality LIPOWITZ Bldg 5, Room 227

Wednesday at Mission

HSP 2221 10 HS Senior Seminar MADDEN MT 17A

HSP 2227 08 Marketing for NPOs BARSI MT 17B


BUS 2335 08 International Business GOHAR CU11

BUS 2012 08 Business Leadership DAVIS WICK CU23

PSY 2886 08 ST:  The Scientific Method RENDE CU1


HSP 2254 08 Stress in the Workplace MADDEN (9-1, Hybrid) CU 6

Saturday January 28

HSP 2224 08 Professional Development MCKNIGHT 9-5 SM117

Classrooms, Term II

doorWelcome to Fall Term II!  Don’t forget to get your syllabus and do your first night’s assignment…

Monday:  BUS 2980, Business Policy, MULVEY,  CU23


BUS 2000 Mgmt Princ. and Org Behavior, DAVIS-WICK, SM204

HSP 2263 Dev. Across the Lifespan, ARBORE, CU1

Tuesday at Tracy:

BUS 2600 Operations and Info Tech Mgmt., BELTRAMINI, Transit Center

Tuesday at Canada:

BUS 2010 Professional Ethics and Soc Resp., LADINE, BLDG 5-227

PSY 2233 Jungian Psychology, NYLAND, BLGD 3-223


BUS 2006 Professional Writing, LARRAGOITI, SM 208

CUL 2232 Latino/Hisp. Exp. in US, GOMEZ, CU22

HSP 2212 HS Financial Management, HERNBROTH, CU21

Wednesday at Canada: REL 2260 Islam Faith and Practice, LIPOWITZ, BLDG 5-221

Wednesday at Mission:

HSP 2203 Communication Skills, REYNOSO, MT 18B

BUS 2048 Human Resource Management, MADDEN, MT 18A


PHL 2420 Philosophy of Love, Delaporte, SM 207

BUS 2016 Change and Conflict Management, DAVIS-WICK, CU9

HSP 2209 Intro to Human Services, CU1

Online:  BUS 1108 Microeconomics, VERMA

Saturday:  HSP 2224 Professional Development MCKNIGHT, SM 117

Spring Registration

spring-registrationWe are looking forward to meeting with you and planning your spring classes!  Some information:

Registration officially begins on November 3.

You should have received a notice to make an appointment through “Sign Up Genius” from either Judy King or Therese Madden.  If you did not, you are welcome to make an appointment “the old fashioned way” by emailing either of us at or

If you have been taking classes at a community college, please submit your transcripts for all completed classes asap.

If you have a transcript hold (because you haven’t submitted your official transcripts yet), please clear that immediately by requesting official transcripts be sent to NDNU’s Registrar’s office.

If you have a business hold, please contact the Business Office immediately to clear it.  You can log into your Campus Portal account to determine whether you have a hold (contact ITS at 650 508-3555 if you need help logging in).  If you need to communicate with the Business Office about tuition or fees owed, you can contact them via your student email address at or at (650 508-3564).

See you soon!  Can’t wait to hear about your progress and get you settled for your spring classes.

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Reminder: Graduation Audits Due Friday

grad-auditIf you plan to graduate in the Spring, your audit is due!

Not sure if you need to complete one?  Check with your advisor.

Not sure if you’ve already completed one?  Check with your advisor.

Just feeling like checking in about your progress?  Check with your advisor.

She misses you!

judy-k (650)508-3622