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Ask An Advisor: Culture and Language Requirement

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

Our Human Services and Intensive Business degrees are Bachelor of Science degrees. This creates flexibility for satisfying the six unit Culture and Language requirement. Everyone is different! Talk with your adviser about the best approach for YOU. You can satisfy this requirement through:

  1. Three years of a language course in high school with grades C and above.
  2. Passing AP scores
  3. Speak a language other than English already? You have a few options: if you have lots of lower division electives already, you can test out of this requirement. If you need lower division electives, it may make sense to test out of the requirement through a CLEP exam, through which you can earn up to nine units.
  4. Take the equivalent of a year of a language at a community college.
  5. Take two Upper Division Culture and Language courses at NDNU. These are offered nearly every term and explore interesting topics related to culture while dabbling in language.
  6. Perhaps you took a single language course a long time ago and don’t feel prepared to take the second semester. That’s okay; half a year of a language plus one Culture and Language class can satisfy this requirement.

Sounds confusing? Come talk with us and we can help you make a decision about the best way to proceed AND – if appropriate – help you to pick the classes, either at NDNU or at a community college – to satisfy this requirement.

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