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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

Why does my advisor always ask if I have submitted my transcripts?  I sent over my official ones when I started.  Can’t I wait until I finish all of my community college classes and send them over then?”  

~ Submitted by Rhonda, a Human Services student

Good question!  I worked with two students last week who had not been consistent about sending their transcripts over.  Sorting through what we had talked about in our last advising meeting and what was still needed for graduation was complicated because instead of having marks in each student’s file where she had completed appropriate classes, I had just penciled notes to work with.  Intentions.  Plans too often gone awry.

Being able to chart your course to graduation accurately is our goal.  Being able to do so depends on having a complete picture of where you are.  We have your NDNU progress, but most students are also working to complete community college classes.  We do not have knowledge of anything outside of NDNU until you give it to us.  Waiting several semesters can make your adviser’s job more challenging and the confusion can complicate your road to graduation.

Please help us work together by requesting official transcripts as soon as you finish each course.  This can be important for Financial Aid reasons, too!

Do you have a question?  Please feel free to submit it and have your question and the answer published here.  

Now is the time for registration for summer and fall classes.


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