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Capstone Newsletter

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

This newsletter, which you can find at the link below, highlights the work of 37 amazing students who completed their capstone course this year.  These projects improved community organizations significantly though the efforts of students who set ambitious goals, lead creative efforts, and measured their results.  Their proposals were approved by a panel of faculty members and sponsored by community leaders who evaluated their success at the conclusion of the projects.

We are enormously proud of these students and the leadership roles that they have taken to improve our communities in tangible ways.  They proudly follow a long NDNU tradition, for the university has been known for over 160 years as being on the forefront of innovative change, social justice, community engagement, and educational accessibility.  These students continue that tradition, with many of them now graduates, going into our communities with their hearts on fire with visions of helping others and equipped with experience and knowledge to turn those dreams into reality.

Congratulations to everyone; we are thrilled with your success and honored that you are now part of the lasting legacy of our Human Services program.

2016 Capstone Project Newsletter June 2016

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