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There’s No Such Thing As A Small Act of Kindness

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
5 months to go.

ripplesI thought that this blog post and its message are the perfect way to start the day in the middle of this super-busy week.

Here’s a teaser:

Yesterday, I gave a talk at a charity luncheon on the topic of the ripple effect of kindness — like tossing a pebble into a pond, even the smallest act of kindness can have an effect that continues longer and farther than we can imagine. In my talk I shared a few stories, but I loved one in particular, about Bishop Desmond Tutu. I’m ashamed to say that prior to preparing for this talk, I knew very little of his life — I knew he was an Anglican bishop, of course, and I certainly knew that he is committed to the equal rights of all people, and that his work earned him a Nobel Peace prize. But I didn’t know anything about his childhood. So I thought I’d share what I discovered about him with you today, for two reasons — first, just because it’s a cool story.

Desmond Tutu was born on October 7th, 1931, in Klerksdorp, a city in the north west province of apartheid South Africa. He was one of four kids, and the only boy. His father was a teacher, and his mother was a cleaner and a cook – a domestic – at a school for the blind.

One day, when Desmond was about nine years old, he was walking in the slums of Sophiatown, a suburb of Johannesburg. He recalls what he described as “a white man in a black cassock” approaching. The man was Trevor Huddleston, the neighbourhood’s parish priest. As he passed Desmond and his mother, he doffed his hat – and Desmond was flabbergasted.

Read the rest of the post at the blog chookooloonks.  A quick, great read.

The end message?  A challenge to take action TODAY to make the world a better place.  You make a difference.


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