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Running 105 Miles in 8 Days to Help Bay Area Kids

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

MMRCHuman Services senior Martha Montiel is taking a leadership role in this endeavor; check it out!

Starting on April 20th, Heidi will be running 105 miles in 8 days (8 half marathons) in different locations in California where the MMRC program is established. This event will be documented by her support group with videos, blogs etc. creating a documentary. We are hoping that her story will inspire other women to give back to the younger generations, and equally important, it will help establish the MMRC program.

The event will start on Monday, April 20 at a school in Fort Bragg and finish at a school in El Niño, Mexico on Wednesday, April 29 (with two days of rest in between). The plan is to establish a route in each city finishing at a school where the MMRC program is established. Heidi could run the last mile or the last few laps with girls there.

First City is Fort Bragg – Monday, April 20

Second City is Sacramento – Tuesday, April 21

Third City is San Jose – Wednesday, April 22

Fourth City is Santa Cruz – Thursday, April 23

Fifth City is Watsonville – Friday, April 24

Sixth City is Los Angeles – Monday, April 27

Seventh City is Chula Vista – Tuesday, April 28

Eight City is El Niño, Mexico – Wednesday, April 29

The above was posted on radio station ALICE’s blog and Facebook page where they add, “so the program is amazing… wait ’til you hear Heidi’s TedTalk about how the program even got started! It’s genuinely inspirational.”

Great project, Martha… and really impressive marketing!  Well done…

Image courtesy; text courtesy Alice.

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