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Senior Seminar Capstone Projects Fall 2014

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
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Senior Seminar F14aCongratulations to the Fall 2014 Senior Seminar class for their successful capstone projects!  Our Holiday Newsletter went out last month showcasing this work with our appreciation for the wonderful ways that these projects contribute to the community, but we forgot to also post them here (and they are too good to go unnoticed!)  Thank you to an amazing class for such wonderful work:

Maria Carranza created a formal orientation process for the Peninsula Family Service’s Early Childhood Education program.

Lesieli Kanongataa worked on a marketing campaign for WEAVE (Women Escape a Violent Environment) in Sacramento County.

Jennifer Moore launched social media and fundraising campaigns to raise awareness of the San Mateo Dance Association, where she now serves on the Board of Directors.

Jennifer Monroy completed an inventory control system setup for Muttville, a San Francisco Senior Dog Rescue organization.

Michelle Moore worked with the Woodside Soccer Club to establish a bilingual scholarship program. Her sponsor commented, “her work for the club was instrumental in our building community [and] crossing language and socio-economic barriers.”

Amanda Sorenson organized a 5K road race to benefit StandUp8, which is an organization that aims to promote health and wellness through community based fitness activities in the Bay Area.

Nancy Brooks Kadaba worked with Peninsula Volunteers to organize an “action packed open house and activities day for guests and participants of Rosener House” and achieving greater connections between this community service and the medical professionals who work with geriatric participants.

Grace Reyes took an international approach to her project, gathering much-needed medical supplies totaling $70,000 in value for the Thuka Clinic in Myanmar.

Lisa Solari Williams researched, wrote, and presented a three-hour journaling course for Hope House for Women; all of the participants rated her course “excellent” and said that they strongly agreed that journaling would help their recovery process.

Aaron Dixon assisted the San Mateo County Department of Education in processing access to post-secondary training for juvenile offenders who are preparing to re-entry society.

Maria Sanchez worked with multiple organizations to create value for the Latina artist community, creating videos and articles that offer learning and inspiration from the voices of Latina artists in the Bay Area. Her work was with artists who face challenges – physical illness, depression, grief, and loss – and they share reflections about the process for overcoming challenges through art.

Amir Khouri worked with the San Francisco SPCA to develop a training program for their staff on the care of rabbits, a program they plan to adopt in 2015.

Well done!  Thank you all…

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