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Ask an Advisor

2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
49 days to go.

ask-an-advisor1As we near the Christmas holidays, we thought we’d include links to some previous posts with questions and answers about advising questions.  Hope that you are registered now for spring; if not, be sure to make an appointment or come in to see you adviser today:

Human Services: Judy King ( or Therese Madden (

Intensive Business: Vicki Silver ( or Lillian Barden (

Liberal Studies: Helene Laroche-Davis (


Where can I find a list of current Transfer Credit Agreements so that I make sure the Lower Division class I take at a community college will transfer?

Where can I find a list of online classes to take?

Why do I have to keep submitting my transcripts?

What is residency?

Which classes do I have to take at NDNU; which can I take elsewhere?

How do I make sure that I graduate on time?

Any tips on satisfying my math requirement?

Why can’t I take 12 units?

Is college worth it for me?  Not sure about juggling work and school or facing friends or family who aren’t convinced?  Articles about the value of an undergraduate degree.


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