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Registration Begins Next Week

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!

leprachaunReady to think about summer and fall class plans?  To organize your school schedule through to next Christmas?  It’s that time already… see the announcement below from the Registrar’s office about what you need to do BEFORE you register. 

Registration begins on March 17, so when you see all that green and spot those leprechauns, let that remind you to make an appointment to come in to see your advisor:

Human Services:  Judy King ( or Therese Madden (

Intensive Business:  Vicki Silver ( or Lillian Barden (

Liberal Studies:  Helene Laroche-Davis (



March 17 – April 4

Students who plan to Advance Register must complete the following:

·         Clear all holds on student account

Login to NDNU Campus Portal/Student Tab

Clear any holds by contacting the indicated office
·         Your Account balance must be below $2,500
Your current Semester balance should be below $2,500.
All prior past due balances must be paid in full.

·         Meet with your Advisor

·         Register for your classes through the Campus Portal or at the Registrar’s Office.
·         Make your payment or payment arrangements with the Business Office by the deadline. Payment arrangements include one or more of the following:
Payment in Full
Full or partial Financial Aid
Payment Plan with TMS (not available to International and on line students)
Employer Deferred Plan (not available to International and on line students)
Tuition Payment Deadlines:
Summer 2014 Term I and II:  Friday, May 9
Summer 2014 Term II:  June 27
Fall 2014:  August 1

·         Registration is open after the Advance Registration period.

Payments or payment arrangements are due by the posted date(s) above. Spring semester balances must be included in the payment arrangement.


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