The Professional Studies Program


2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
45 days to go.

Welcome to the first week of classes, Spring 2014!  Looking for a classroom?  Check out the list below.  Call us or stop in at Tabard if you aren’t sure where a building is (SM is Saint Mary’s; CV is Cuvilly; GH is Gavin Hall):


Senior Seminar/Madden/CU 1

Social Psychology/Lehrke/Canada 5-227


Marketing for NPOs/Barsi/CU 23

Management Principles and Org Behavior/Barden/CU9

Corporate Finance/Hua/CU7

Communication Skills/Davis-Wick/CU1

Religions of the World/Delaporte/SM207

Personality Theory/Nyland/Canada 5-227

International Business/Gohar/Canada 5-223


Women in Management/Kaplan/CU7

African Cinema/Laroche-Davis/SM208

Stress in the Workplace/Lopez-Gomez/GH2

Contemporary Professional Writing/Carter/CU22

Moral Problems/Harris/Canada 5-223

Senior Seminar/Madden/Mission 18A

Human Services/Miller/Mission 18B


Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility/Rende/CU1

Business Leadership/Davis-Wick/CU22

Jungian Psychology/Nyland/SM 202


Workplace Coaching Feb 1/Santamaria/CU1

Professional Development Feb 8/McKnight/SM117



  1. Tom Paderna says:

    It would be really really helpful to get a list like this out for 2014 Summer ! and Summer II. It helps us plan our academic calendar for those of us trying hard to graduate. I would be grateful if even a partial list were out very soon. Thank you very much.

  2. ndnupsp says:

    Hi Tom: We have a course cycle guide for Human Services listed under “helpful links” above and we should have the others soon. Hope that helps!

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