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The California State Assembly Honors Sheila Aube

2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
45 days to go.

USPS97STA011Recently, student Sheila Aube traveled to Sacramento to receive an honor from the California legislature as part of Women’s Military History Week.  I found the official record of the event within the Assembly’s official minutes:

By unanimous consent, at 9:21 a.m., Speaker pro Tempore Campos declared the Assembly recessed to permit the introduction of special guests.

Assembly Member Grove, on behalf of Assembly Members Eggman, Campos, and Melendez, introduced women veterans in conjunction with Women’s Military History Week: Teresa Vasquez, United States Army; Sheila Echevarria, United States Army; Kathryn Nilon, United States Army; and Diane Baker, United States Air Force; and in active duty, Sandra Presson, United States Navy.

Assembly Member Grove recognized each of the honorees for their brave service to our Country whereupon Assembly Member Gorell presented each with flowers.

Congratulations, Sheila and thank you, Carlos, and your family for your service.  (And thanks to fellow students for the tip and chance to honor Sheila!)


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  1. […] this is also a great opportunity to honor again student Sheila Aube, who received an award from the California State Assembly last summer for her service.  We are so […]

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