The Professional Studies Program


2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
50 days to go.

open doors

Term II begins next week.  If you don’t have a class, contact your advisor now!  If you do, here are the classroom locations:


Business Policy (Barden): Cuvilly 1

Communication Skills (Davis-Wick): Cuvilly 22

Contemporary Professional Writing (Larragoiti): Cuvilly 7


Religions of the World (Lipowitz): Saint Mary’s 204

Human Services (Barsi): Cuvilly 7

Operations and Information Technology Systems (Freeman): Cuvilly 6

Marketing Principles (Schornstein): Canada College Building 5, 223

Human Relations in Organizations (Miller): Canada College Building 5, 227


French Cinema (Laroche Davis): Saint Mary’s 202

Children’s Literature (Knoth): Gavin 2

Professional Ethics (Miller): Cuvilly 22

Legal Environment of Business (Ladine): Cuvilly 1

Conflict Management (Lopez Gomez): Mission College MT 17B

HS Financial Management (Hernbroth): Mission College MT 17A


Counseling Skills (Arbore): Cuvilly 23

HS Financial Management (Kaplan): Cuvilly 7

Business Leadership (Davis-Wick): Cuvilly 21

Philosophy of Science (Rende): Saint Mary’s 202

Saturday, March 23: Professional Development (McKnight): Mission College Computer Lab

Saturday, April 13:  Emotional Intelligence at Work (Santamaria): Cuvilly 9


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