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Speaker Series Save the Dates

2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
50 days to go.

Sister Dorothy Stang Center Speaker Series

All talks are at 7:30 on the NDNU campus.

February 21:  Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker

TuckerYale University School of Forestry Studies and co-author of Journey of the Universe.  Mary Evelyn Tucker is a Senior Lecturer in Religion and Ecology and Yale University, holding joint appointments as a Research Scholar in the Divinity School, the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and the Department of Religious Studies.  With John Grim, she cofounded the Forum on Religion and Ecology (FORE).  Tucker and Grim also coordinated a ten-conference series on World Religions and Ecology at Harvard’s Center for the Study of World Religions.  Tucker has been a committee member of the Interfaith Partnership for the Environment at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) since 1986 and is vice president of the American Tellhard Association.

March 14:  Ms. Dolores Huerta

HuertaPresident, Dolores Huerta Foundation and recent recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  Her lifelong journey has been working as a Community Organizer and Social Activist.  She has played a major role in the American civil rights movement.  Co-founder, with Cesar Chavez, of the United Farm Workers Union, she is also a founding board member of the Feminist Majority Foundation and serves on the board of Ms. Magazine.  Huerta is a former UC Regent and has earned nine honorary doctorates from Universities throughout the United States.  her most recent recognitions include her induction to the U.S. Department of Labor Hall of Honor and the 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom.

March 20:  Father Greg Boyle, S.J.  Call to Action Day Keynote Address

BoyleFounder of Homeboy/Homegirl Industries, author of Tattoos on the Heart.  A native of Los Angeles, Fr. Greg taught at Loyola High School, his alma mater, and was chaplain in the Islas Marias Penal Colony in Mexico and at Folsom prison.  he worked with Christian Base Communities in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  He was appointed pastor of Dolores Mission Church in Los Angeles in 1986.  He founded Homeboy Industries in 1988 and has continued his work with the families of East Los Angeles.  Homeboy Bakery and Homegirl Cafe and Catering have become the leading edge of one of the largest and most successful gang intervention efforts in the country.  His book, Tattoos on the Heart, published in 2010, has made available in inspiring detail the stories of transformation in the desperate lives of so many youth.



  1. Tom Paderna says:

    It’d be great to have an iCal link in each event, making it convenient to make sure to attend.

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