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Testing an App for the Professional Studies Program

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2018 GraduationMay 5th, 2018
Countdown to May 2018 Graduation!
Hello Everyone,
My name is Daniel Ferreira and I am currently working on my Senior Seminar project.  I have decided to build and implement a mobile app for Professional Studies students to stay connected with present and former classmates, instructors, and events. The app has a similar format to Twitter and will allow you to easily communicate with other evening students if you need a ride, a book, help with an assignment (Social Research Methods comes to mind…) or anything else!
The app will be in beta for the month of November and I am looking for students to test it out. If you are interested in participating send an email to and you will receive a link once the app goes live.
I thank you in advance for your participation and I look forward to seeing the results of this beta period. If you have any questions, input, or have a need for an app feel free to contact me.
Thanks and regards,
Daniel Ferreira

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