Election Aftermath: A Message from the NDNU President, Dr. Judith Greig

18 11 2016
The election last week and its aftermath have been stunning. So many of us have struggled to make sense of much of the inflammatory language and actions we have witnessed.
The Hallmarks of a Notre Dame de Namur Learning Community give us clear grounding principles as we consider our role as students and educators in how to work together to help heal our nation and move forward. “We proclaim by our lives. . . that God is good; we honor the dignity and sacredness of each person; we educate for and act on behalf of justice and peace in the world; we embrace the gift of diversity.” These words inspire us in a time and place that feels itself torn apart and deeply divided.
One of the important roles that a university plays in a democracy is to be a place where diverse people from a wide range of backgrounds come together and engage in vigorous dialogue about the important issues of our time. At NDNU we are blessed to have a very diverse student body, across so many dimensions of diversity. We welcome and honor the voice and experience that each person brings. While we do not always agree or even sometimes respond as our best selves, we fundamentally believe in the value of each person.
It is clear that many people on both sides of the election do not feel valued or supported in our society. Some are angry, some are in despair. Many feel left behind by a deepening economic divide. Many now wonder if they can safely live. Even though we do not take a political position as a university, we want to create a space for caring and respectful listening to the issues that trouble each person and promote careful thought to solving the underlying issues in creative ways that do not demean others. Let us work to show at NDNU that we understand each other intellectually and emotionally and put both our brains and our hearts to work on solutions.
Accepting each person as a human being, however, does not mean that we must accept the wrong words and behaviors that others demonstrate. Our country is founded on rule of law and transition of power without violence. We have laws against violent actions, against sexual assault, against hate speech, and the like. And wrong words should be countered, with powerful argument which honors the person but shows the fallacies of thought or offers a better way. Martin Luther King offers many words that offer a better way. Here is a brief excerpt from his speech “Where Do We Go From Here?”:
I have. . .decided to stick with love, for I know that love is ultimately the only answer to mankind’s problems. . . . And I’m not talking about emotional bosh when I talk about love; I’m talking about a strong, demanding love. . . .And I must confess, my friends, that the road ahead will not always be smooth. There will still be rocky places of frustration and meandering points of bewilderment. . . . And there will be those moments when the buoyancy of hope will be transformed into the fatigue of despair. . . . But difficult and painful as it is, we must walk on in the days ahead with an audacious faith in the future.  
Please join us in committing to, praying for, and working for making NDNU a place where all members of our community can feel safe and work for the social justice that honors the dignity of all people.
If you want to talk to someone, please know Counseling Services is available. Please contact 650-508-3714 to set up an appointment.
Diana Enriquez-Field, the Director of the Office of Spirituality, is here to provide guidance to the NDNU community; please contact her at denriquezfield@ndnu.edu.
The Sister Dorothy Stang Center for Social Justice and Community Engagement would like to invite the community to get involved. For example, the SDSC could organize student and staff participation in the monthly interfaith vigil at the ICE Detention Center in Richmond, the jail for alleged immigration offenders for the whole Bay Area. Our Bonner Leaders were just there on the 5th of November; the next service is December 3, and they re-occur every first Saturday. Please contact Jim McGarry for more information on this and other opportunities at jmcgarry@ndnu.edu.

Happy Veteran’s Day

11 11 2016


Thank you for your service!

Argo Spirit

26 10 2016

One of our awesome Intensive Business students in Tracy had on this fabulous “Argo” bracelet; her girlfriend had given it to her to celebrate her success to date toward completing her bachelor’s degree at NDNU.  Beautiful bracelet, fabulous Argo spirit!


Classrooms, Term II

24 10 2016

doorWelcome to Fall Term II!  Don’t forget to get your syllabus and do your first night’s assignment…

Monday:  BUS 2980, Business Policy, MULVEY,  CU23


BUS 2000 Mgmt Princ. and Org Behavior, DAVIS-WICK, SM204

HSP 2263 Dev. Across the Lifespan, ARBORE, CU1

Tuesday at Tracy:

BUS 2600 Operations and Info Tech Mgmt., BELTRAMINI, Transit Center

Tuesday at Canada:

BUS 2010 Professional Ethics and Soc Resp., LADINE, BLDG 5-227

PSY 2233 Jungian Psychology, NYLAND, BLGD 3-223


BUS 2006 Professional Writing, LARRAGOITI, SM 208

CUL 2232 Latino/Hisp. Exp. in US, GOMEZ, CU22

HSP 2212 HS Financial Management, HERNBROTH, CU21

Wednesday at Canada: REL 2260 Islam Faith and Practice, LIPOWITZ, BLDG 5-221

Wednesday at Mission:

HSP 2203 Communication Skills, REYNOSO, MT 18B

BUS 2048 Human Resource Management, MADDEN, MT 18A


PHL 2420 Philosophy of Love, Delaporte, SM 207

BUS 2016 Change and Conflict Management, DAVIS-WICK, CU9

HSP 2209 Intro to Human Services, CU1

Online:  BUS 1108 Microeconomics, VERMA

Saturday:  HSP 2224 Professional Development MCKNIGHT, SM 117

Spring Registration

19 10 2016

spring-registrationWe are looking forward to meeting with you and planning your spring classes!  Some information:

Registration officially begins on November 3.

You should have received a notice to make an appointment through “Sign Up Genius” from either Judy King or Therese Madden.  If you did not, you are welcome to make an appointment “the old fashioned way” by emailing either of us at jking@ndnu.edu or tmadden@ndnu.edu.

If you have been taking classes at a community college, please submit your transcripts for all completed classes asap.

If you have a transcript hold (because you haven’t submitted your official transcripts yet), please clear that immediately by requesting official transcripts be sent to NDNU’s Registrar’s office.

If you have a business hold, please contact the Business Office immediately to clear it.  You can log into your Campus Portal account to determine whether you have a hold (contact ITS at 650 508-3555 if you need help logging in).  If you need to communicate with the Business Office about tuition or fees owed, you can contact them via your student email address at businessoffice@ndnu.edu or at (650 508-3564).

See you soon!  Can’t wait to hear about your progress and get you settled for your spring classes.

Image courtesy pawlingfreelibrary.org

Internship and Volunteer Fair TOMORROW

17 10 2016


Human Services Senior Seminar

11 10 2016

These fabulous people just presented their proposals for their Human Services capstone projects.  They impressed the faculty panel individually and as a group because they each tapped into their passions and have found ways to apply them within organizations where they are clearly going to make a difference.  Plus, they have been wonderfully supportive of one another, a fun and engaging group.

Can’t wait to see the results in December…

Well done (from left to right) Jessica, Carmen, Diego, Nica, and Joy!