Spring Term II Classrooms

12 03 2017



Contemporary Professional Writing, LARRAGOITI, SM 204

Business Policy, MULVEY, CU 9


Human Services, BARSI, CU 7

Marketing Principles, LIM CU 6

Tuesday at Canada:

Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility, RENDE, Building 5, Room 227

Tuesday at Tracy:

International Business, GOHAR, Transit Center


French Cinema, LAROCHE DAVIS, SM 208

Religions of the World, LIPOWITZ, SM 204

Wednesday at Mission College:

Human Relations in Organizations, BEDFORD CARTER, MT 17A

Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility, REYNOSO, MT 17B


Counseling Skills, ARBORE, CU1

Management Principles and Org Behaior, DAVIS WICK, CU23

Thursday at Canada:
Abnormal Psychology, NYLAND, Buildin 5, Room 227


Hybrid:  Managing Cultural Diversity, DAVIS WICK, CU 6

March 25 Only:  Facilitation Skills, SANTAMARIA, CU9

What If…

10 03 2017

Saint Julie

I saw this sign posted today outside of the Registrar’s office and thought that it offered inspiration and a vision of hope.  Sister Julie Billiart founded the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, who of course in turn founded our university.  She faced many challenges, but throughout her life spoke up for those who were fleeing persecution, ministered to those who were hungry, and created institutions by which education was made accessible to those who would otherwise have been excluded from such opportunities.

The social justice and community engagement mission of NDNU carries on this legacy though our many passionate and determined students who apply innovation,ethical action, intelligence, and compassion to serve others and bring justice to today’s world.

Just imagine what’s next!

Preparing for Term II Classes

8 03 2017

ReminderA reminder to get your syllabus, text books, and complete your first night assignment. Come to class next week prepared!

Advising for summer and fall classes will begin in April.  Classrooms will be posted soon.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!


Bonsai Reflection

6 03 2017

This is a reflection shared by David Muir, a Human Services student:

A reflection on the Yamaki Pine by G. Porter Taylor, former Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Western North Carolina,  . . .
This weekend Jo and I went to the National Arboretum.  Created in 1927 it’s in the Northeast corner of the District of Columbia and covers 446 acres. Because it’s February (even though it was 65 degrees Saturday) not much was in bloom, but being there was stunning.
What captured my attention was the Bonsai Exhibit.  As I was walking through mesmerized by these small gorgeous plants, I saw a Japanese White Pine that was first planted (if that’s the right word) in 1625.  That’s the same year (according to the source of all knowledge—Wikipedia) that New Amsterdam (which became New York City) was established.
This small plant has lived through changes and changes: regimes, countries, technologies, even the atomic bomb (the tree was donated in 1979 but was only two miles from the bomb in Hiroshima in 1945)—all of it. People have cared for it and nurtured it and pruned it so that it’s here.
As I gazed at it, I wondered, in this time of noise and conflict; in this era of change and technology, what will last for six centuries or for one or for another generation?  And I liked that what was there wasn’t a building but a plant. It wasn’t a monument but an organism that needs attention.  It wasn’t something generations could ignore, but this living tree that had to be cared for with detailed attention.
I have become weary of the noise of the news cycle that takes my energy and attention but has so little substance over the long haul.  Instead I find myself reading The Divine Comedy—a text older than the bonsai—and looking at plants that predate the founding of this country.  Both are alive and both have something to say that sustains me.
I am not declaring a separate peace from the political scene. There is too much at stake. However, I am saying that for the long-haul I need to see and read and be touched by things that are true and connect with something that has lasted over time.  The bonsai and Dante reminded me of how essential it is to be anchored in something bigger than this moment and to focus on the quality and nature of our work so that we might do something for which future generations will give thanks.

Happy Spring Break!

6 03 2017


Enjoy  this week off…Term II classes will begin the week of March 13.  We will have your classroom posted for you soon….

For those who have asked about summer and fall classes, registration begins at the end of March.  Look for an email in your student account from “Sign Up Genius” with available dates to meet with your advisor.

See you soon!

Job Opportunity: Older Adult Services

2 03 2017
Navigator 70 Strong
Older Adult Services
The 70 Strong program is a new initiative focused on improving
the health and wellness of older adults in the Sequoia Healthcare District
The Navigator provides linkage to services, client coaching and short term case management for the 70 Strong Program clients. The Navigator will also provide service to residents who call in, drop in, and will conduct in home assessments, develop goals and link residents to needed services.
Non-Exempt, Full-Time.
The full job description is here:  peninsula-family-service-older-adult-job-opportunity

Job Opportunity: Rapid Response Liaison (Immigration Assistance)

22 02 2017

interfaithFaith Rapid Response Liaison

(Agente de la Respuesta Rapida)

(part-time position)


Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity is seeking a “Faith Community Rapid Response Liaison”  to join a team of 5 “Rapid Responders” and the Rapid Response Co-ordinator in the new Alameda County Immigrant Legal & Education Partnership (ACILEP) Rapid Response Network.  ACILEP will provide a rapid response to the legal needs of Alameda County residents and families facing imminent deportation or who are impacted by immigration enforcement activity. The Rapid Responder will take shifts staffing a hotline where affected individuals and community members can call to report immigration enforcement actions. The Rapid Responder will do incident verification and support  providing referrals to legal assistance and wrap around resources to families impacted by immigration enforcement. Finally, the Rapid Responder will work with the Network’s Know Your Rights Coordinator to ensure immigrant communities have the necessary guidance for individual and family emergency planning, to protect the legal rights, and to connect with the Network if and when necessary.


  •       Attend monthly ACILEP meetings and ongoing communication with the Rapid Response Teams
  •      Staff hotline where affected community members can report immigration enforcement actions.
  •       Provide rapid response to raids and other immigration enforcement efforts.
  •       Review cases and refer eligible ones for legal representation and support services through the network and refer those outside the network.
  •      Conduct targeted outreach to monolingual and other immigrant congregations.

`      Assist with Know Your Rights Trainings and providing emergency planning materials through one-on-one outreach and presentations to faith communities

Job Qualifications:

  1. Good networking, people skills and communication skills.
  2. Previous experience doing community outreach, trainings, community education or managing crises.
  3. Bilingual Spanish- English.  Ability to do some verbal and written translation.
  4. Ability to work independently and fluidly in a fast-paced, changing environment.
  5. Self -directed and able to coordinate their own work.
  6. Ability to have flexible hours on weekend and evenings and be on call several times a month.
  7. Access to reliable transportation as this job will require responding to crises and outreach.
  8. Ability to work collaboratively as a team, offering and receiving constructive feedback and willingness to learn.
  9. Knowledge or previous experience in immigration issues.
  10. Some familiarity with religious communities preferred.
  11. Familiarity using email, social media, google docs, Word.
  12. Cross-cultural awareness, self understanding of one’s own social location, and an openness and experience in building bridges across ethnicity, race, class, religions.


To apply, please send a resume by February 28th to dlee@im4humanintegrity.org.



Rev. Deborah Lee

Program Director

Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity (IM4HumanIntegrity)


Northern CA Office:

Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity

310 8th St. Suite 310

Oakland, CA  94607